Finally! :D

After 5 years of sleepless nights, unending plates, finally!! :) Graduated in UST with a degree of BS Architecture! :) thank you Lord I survived college life! Of course with the help of my Family  super thank youuuu for all your unending support! i love you both! :*

For my friends! thank you! For 5 years of journey and still counting! :) *hindi man lahat ng kaibigan ko kasabay kong grumaduate ang importante ay ang samahan at tulong tulong pa rin hangang sa huli. mamimiss ko kayo. :’) 

Here is my photo set diary of my Graduation. :)

My Graduation Dress from ZOO  

with our adviser Arch. Rino Fernandez 





me :p

March 27, 2012 graduated in UST with a degree of BS ARCHITECTURE :D

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